1st or 10X better
24 October 2016

In order for a product to succeed, the product has to be either: 1st to market, or 10X better than the competition. I forgot in...

I'm much more me when I'm with you
22 October 2016

I’m attending my friend’s wedding in San Francisco this weekend; and the most exquisite Chinese-Indian wedding just ended. Each attendee got a little red box...

Structure a.k.a. Game Plan
15 October 2016

As stated in previous blog posts, I’ve started focusing on going to the gym and studying for GMAT every single day, while keeping track of...

App Stores
14 October 2016

A list of online stores where apps, games, themes, watchfaces etc. can be published: Apple App Store (apps and games) Apple iMessage Store (stickers and...

Block Tor Project exit node IP addresses with nginx
12 October 2016

I got pretty upset today to see that some folks were using the Tor Project exit nodes to scrape my website. Since I’m pushing nginx...

09 October 2016

Discipline, or the art of repetitive personal growth, goes hand in hand with perspective. Once goals are set via the perspective framework of though, discipline...

Small agile teams powered by JavaScript
08 October 2016

The more I think of business requirements, the more I understand that to succeed in the years to come you need to iterate fast; the...

30 September 2016

You got to have a clear sense of what’s important to you. And by important I mean what’s really really important. If you think about...

Skitch and Sketch
26 September 2016

Two superb apps: Skitch and Sketch. Enough said.

Counting down to zero
24 September 2016

I’ve started going to a circuit training class at Pro Sports Club for the past half of year. For those who don’t know, circuit training...

Weizmann street
16 September 2016

There’s a Weizmann street in almost every single Israeli city. This is because Chaim Weizmann was the first president of Israel. Just got back from...

Time Runs Out, Logic Lasts
05 September 2016

Troll (Time Runs Out, Logic Lasts) is the brand name of a few escape rooms in Bucharest. Love the name! I hear there are over...

02 September 2016

If you weren’t aware of clip.exe on Windows, you are now. Anything you pipe into clip.exe will be copied to clipboard so that you don’t...

Best advice I got: exercise daily
30 August 2016

Best advice I got in life was from an ex-girlfriend who kept insisting that I should exercise more. And I blindly kept ignoring it. This...

Steal customers or grow the market
29 August 2016

Was talking to a friend of mine who owns and runs a $900K/year business about the best approach to keep growing a business year over...

Marry well – at least once
21 August 2016

A friend of mine recommended me a really good book. It’s called 10% Happier and it’s written by Dan Harris. He’s a correspondent for ABC...

Don't lose the war
21 August 2016

It’s okay to lose a battle, but it’s not okay to lose the war. I like that saying. My high school physics professor kept telling...

Stop using SSH
18 August 2016

Use autossh instead. It’s the same as ssh just that if the connection drops it reconnects automatically. This is of utmost importance when you’re tunneling....

The networking cable
12 August 2016

I was just talking to an old friend and neighbor who remembered that in 2000 we wanted to be able to play Starcraft together. And...

Hi! I'm Paul Borza
12 August 2016

Hi! I’m Paul Borza, a software engineer who left Romania in order to work for Microsoft in the United States.