Marry well – at least once
21 August 2016

A friend of mine recommended me a really good book. It’s called 10% Happier and it’s written by Dan Harris. He’s a correspondent for ABC...

Don't lose the war
21 August 2016

It’s okay to lose a battle, but it’s not okay to lose the war. I like that saying. My high school physics professor kept telling...

Stop using SSH
18 August 2016

Use autossh instead. It’s the same as ssh just that if the connection drops it reconnects automatically. This is of utmost importance when you’re tunneling....

The networking cable
12 August 2016

I was just talking to an old friend and neighbor who remembered that in 2000 we wanted to be able to play Starcraft together. And...

Hi! I'm Paul Borza
12 August 2016

Hi! I’m Paul Borza, a software engineer who left Romania in order to work for Microsoft in the United States.